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Monthly Archive: March 2016

Freak Systems Goes Domestic

Hello everyone, Jannick here. I know I like to maintain a sense of humor but recently I had to repaint my bedroom because there was some water damage. Major downer. Luckily the water didn’t come in my office or living room—all my electronics are safe—but I’m not particularly handy so this was a little intimidating for me. I’ve always appealed to experts in situations where I feel clueless and it has paid off so far. Hey, if it can work for understanding Linux it can work for anything, right?

I headed to a home improvement store, the place I figured an expert would be, and had a conversation with the manager about exactly what had happened. I explained that the leak had been repaired—it was in the attic—but the painting was all on my shoulders. I asked him what my next steps should be. He said I had a few options, one of which was a sweet new HVLP paint sprayer (that’s High Volume, Low Pressure). I took the high tech option; I mean, why not?

I bought my paints and rented the sprayer the manager suggested. I also purchased the paint strainer and plastic liners that went along with it that he recommended so I could switch from the primer to the paint without a whole lot of cleanup. The sprayer was a Chicago Electric model, which looked kind of awkward—I thought it would look more like a paintball gun but it is more closely resembles something you would use to give yourself an especially painful spray tan. However, despite its funny appearance, it actually worked like a champ. It is electric, so it is a self-powered unit and I didn’t need anything else to make it work. The only thing that was adjustable was the volume of paint I wanted coming out at any given time, which was perfect for a novice like me. I did have to thin the paint a little more than the manual recommended in order to get it right, and that probably forced me to do an additional coat of the primer, but it all went fairly quickly. Plus I think the paint dried faster because it was thinner, speeding up the time I had to wait in between coats. I looked online a little about how to operate a paint sprayer before I started and there was a lot of warnings about overspray, so I did a lot of taping and covering stuff I didn’t want covered with paint. Honestly, I barely needed to bother—even a monkey could have avoided getting the paint on anything, there was such little mess created. It was really easy to clean up too, which was a plus. I am, like many software engineers, a bit of a slob. I think it is from having to sit so long and stare at small screens; you get so used to having a narrow focus that you rarely see the larger picture. I know I’ve gone into my kitchen and thought, wow, the sink is really full and not noticed that the counter right next to it is completely hidden by junk mail.

OK, so that’s my whole paint sprayer review. I really had no idea that I had this in me to pull off, I always considered myself good with my fingers but not my hands, you know?