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Daily Archive: July 4, 2016

So You’ve got a Man Cold

Who hasn’t had a really good (read here “intense”) cold at least once in a while? Who hasn’t suffered the symptoms silently since no one cares. It is too common to engender any sympathy but you don’t feel well all the same. If you do get some attention, you will find that people love to offer tips for survival and how to make the sniffling and sneezing go away (or at least more comfortable with soft tissues). Most of the time you just need some bed rest, vitamin C in the form of orange juice, and tender loving care (chicken soup, for example, from a loving family member or friend). If you are male, you will no doubt get a bit more help, so take advantage of it, my friend.

Among all the medical advice and the folklore, I bet there is one tip that doesn’t get mentioned. A humidifier is one appliance most people don’t have. Those who get colds often swear by them, especially at night when a warm mist is pure heaven. It helps you breathe better while it lines that scratchy sore throat. You wake up feeling more alive and willing to live through another day.

Another tip often overlooked is to take an immune booster supplement. There are many on the market such as those with anti-oxidants. Read the descriptions and reviews online or consult your pharmacist so you don’t get bamboozled. If it says “wonder drug,” beware. Some contain vitamin C (which you can buy on its own), but I would still wolf down the element in natural orange juice. If this doesn’t appeal to you and you are not a pill popper, try a specialty brew tea such as orange and chamomile, or peppermint. Some teas are labeled for illness use. They are super soothing and also contain ingredients that fight colds in particular. It is said that you can shorten a cold by a day or two if you attend to it immediately. So get out the humidifier and the juicer and be prepared.

What kind of humidifier, you ask? I recommend one with a warm mist for its palliative powers. You can get console or table top units for small rooms and larger, portable ones for the whole house. It depends on the availability of storage space, including under the bed. Having an antidote to dry air is a must when you are sick with many ailments. Those with asthma and other respiratory illnesses are appreciative of the benefits humidifiers offer. Most operate for a long time without maintenance—i.e., the need to refill the tank. Relief is an on-going process, especially during sleep.

So from this short blog, you can see that it is not the end of the world to have a man cold. You have remedies galore and attention from female friends. Try all of the tips offered to make the experience tolerable, and you won’t dread the onset the next time it comes.