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Monthly Archive: October 2016

Site Build

I build websites. A lot goes into the proper construction of a particular one. I am not one to reject the fact that a good site is a kind of art form. You have basic organization and design and layers of images and content that populate the space. You throw in a few explainer videos, some testimonials, a shopping cart, and an About Us page: all with the goal of selling a product or service that customers want since they arrived on the site.

My latest baby is a website for men in the nursing field. It will include articles of interest on medical topics that affect these hospital employees. It will update them on new technology and equipment and how to use it. Last but not least, for convenience it will offer an online store that sells essential items like men’s scrubs and nursing shoes for men. It is a one-stop-shop that should make life easier for busy nurses of the male gender. The articles are geared toward unique problems they have in executing their medical responsibilities. First time shoppers get a 25% discount on a pair of shoes if they subscribe to the site and make themselves eligible for responsive emails.

Nurses shoes are known for comfort, for men and women, and not particularly for looks. There are slip on varieties that some people love—more or less a sturdy well-built clog style—and sneakers that come in colors to match uniforms. All shoes must be easy to clean whether leather or nylon. You can’t imagine what gets spilled on them on a daily basis. You don’t want to buy a nice pair and have to replace it in a few months’ time. Durability is of the essence. There must be an option for an insole and adjustability of the fit. Male nurses complain a lot about long hours on their feet. People assume these men are perfect specimens and can take a lot. Women seem to have more unique foot issues it seems. They get corns and bunions and blisters all the time. The men like a shoe that is aerated and the foot doesn’t get too hot. They want cool comfort in other words along with a great fit. Nothing is worse that a tight feeling over the foot arch.

The website is the essence of practicality for male nurses. They can scroll through the online store and quickly see matching sets of scrubs and shoes by color. All sizes will be offered from extra small to XXL. As the buyer finds candidates for purchase, he can click on an icon and save that item. He will then be able to compare his final selections. He can reread the product description and clearly see the price and shipping details. Most products will ship within two days. I want to site to have multiple advantages and speed of delivery is definitely one of them. Customers will be able to exchange goods as you would in a brick and mortar store. When it comes to shoes, there is nothing like getting to try something on for size.