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Daily Archive: December 2, 2016

Better than Going to the Gym

Computer nerds do get away from the screen once in a while. As much as we love being on line, we need to attend to other matters in our lives. The Internet is my salvation. I find ideas and information for all kinds of activities. It was there that I discovered an inflatable kayak exists that is lighter in weight and cheaper than the wood or acrylic models. I could buy one and go on really fun vacations at the lake where I can camp out. If I don’t want to do it that often, I can always rent one and give it a try before committing to having it on a permanent basis. I am thinking about which way to go. In any case, I love the water whether it be the ocean, the lake, or the river. The river happens to be closest so for now it is my main source of water recreation.

Kayaks run up to a couple hundred dollars but then you get bright colors, good design, and the necessary paddles. Since they are inflatable, they make for easy transport and storage. The model I want is ideal for one person and is lightweight and perfect for the lake. There is a removable heavy-duty fabric seat that can accommodate over two hundred pounds. It is durable and sturdy, made of three layers of laminated PVC construction so it can handle the roughest of waters if you decide to take it to the rapids. My lake trip is going to be more placid. I will enjoy rowing across the lake to visit the village on the other side. It is all about stability and control and the directional bottom fins help out immensely. Plus, I have large grab handles and rings that make it easy to carry or connect to other floats. Maybe I will take a friend along with his or her own inflatable kayak. It also comes with a foot pump, aluminum oar and polyethylene carry bag. I want it to comply with industry safety and construction standards not to mention federal regulations that apply.

The lake was gorgeous as the water reflected the sun and literally sparkled. The kayak measured up to my expectations and was super fun. I just loved being outdoors in the fresh air. There is something magic about the water no matter what you are doing—even just swimming and of course boating. I want to do it all. But the kayak has real mobility and comfort so it is tops on my list. I made friends with other kayak rowers and we had mini races for a little amusement. We had lunch together and at the end of the day vowed to meet up again on a set date at the same spot. It turned out to be not only a water recreation but a social experience. I am glad that I purchased the inflatable and not just rented it. It will get a great deal of use! It sure beats going to the gym.