Freak Systems

Changing it Up

Is it too obvious for a nerdy software engineer to ride his bike to work? I suppose so, but I decided to change things up and do it anyway. I love the convenience, the saving on gas, and the lack of a need to park. All the good spaces are always taken. A bike can be stored anywhere. I am on a big cost cutting campaign and I am housing my care in the garage for the moment until I see how this new mode of transportation works out.

I suspect that I am going to love it and will sell the care unless I need to use it for weekend trips. I don’t tend to go far so I can always ask a friend or family member to help out. I don’t need to make a decision on the car just yet but I have definitely decided to ride the bike to work. It will be minutes only and no traffic to fight. I don’t live far from my office so it makes perfect sense. Why drag a car out for just a few miles.

The big buzz nowadays with bikes is the exercise factor. We could all use an alternative to the gym. I love the idea of some extra toning up twice a day. I used to get up from my desk and parade around the office to get circulation going in my legs, but with the bike, this health tactic will no longer be necessary. So there are many advantages to commuting by bike beyond the cost savings. I believe in being practice also this appeals to my simple nature.

I like the idea of riding a commuter bike from On Road and Mountain on my way to work each morning. A friend already has asked to join me so we can form a pack. Some parts of the country are ideally suited for biking to work. Cities are not so much as it is not safe on busy main roads. I am lucky that I live in a small town that will afford me the pleasure of the two-wheeler.

Some office buildings do not have safe areas to stash a bike and you actually see people take their expensive items up the elevator. This is a whole new respect for the machine. I know some people work in offices where there is adjacent bike storage. This encourages commuting if it is easy to come and go and there is little threat of your bike being stolen. There is nothing worse than ending your work day only to find that your bike is gone. I know you need a lock but they are not foolproof. There are wandering bands of thieves with metal cutters in tow. I find this extremely offensive. Use two locks to make it a little more difficult to cut and run.

So here’s to the bikers of the world who get to work in a new kind of style. Join me and saluting an old-fashioned and yet modern mode of transportation.