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Daily Archive: August 27, 2020

Leaving the Matrix

I’m sure you already know that software engineers such as myself are chained to their desks for hours on end. And a workaholic like myself is chained for an hour longer almost every day, and sometimes for an hour on the weekends. But, I don’t see this as a negative thing, because I like being productive, and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t interfere with my personal life, at least not yet. But, my desk is my station, my matrix. As hard as it is, I have to leave it sometimes and go out into the real world. Fight the cliche. Prove them wrong.

My quest has become taking long walks in the park near my building and enjoying the weather. I do try to make it as romantic as it sounds. That’s not always the case, however, and I often catch myself thinking about work or stuff that needs to be done. What helps me get out of it is calling some friends and see if they’re up for grabbing a bite or a drink. There are many great places in my city and I like going there and seeing people. It helps to keep me grounded, I think.

My job is the best thing in the world, but I try to have fun. My friends being in the information technology field is sometimes great, because it helps me feel like I’m part of a community, and we just get each other, but sometimes all we talk about is work. And gaming, I’ll admit that. But not as much as we used to. People change, you know. We used to be such nerds, now that I think about it, when we started. But, now we’re grown adults, at least we think we are.

I’m still learning to cook, though. I’m doing good. I may be a virtuoso in the matrix, but in the kitchen, I’m an amateur. I have all these cool appliances and like to actually use all of them, not just my soda maker, because soda is not nutritious, or at least that’s what they say.

A couple of weeks ago I was cooking dinner for someone while following a recipe for a mushroom risotto, no less, and I got a compliment. Whether it was a stroke of luck or a dormant talent getting activated, I considered my quest successful.

Until next time, and maybe I’ll even share the recipe!